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=> Are you no longer in need of your land?

=> Would you prefer to receive cash in exchange for your land?

=> Are you exhausted from spending money on taxes and fees?

=> Are you uncertain about how or where to sell your land?

=> Are you seeking a convenient and stress-free way to sell your land?

=> Are you frustrated with the long wait of months or even years for your land to be sold?


Step : 1

Obtain Your Property Information

Fill out our Sell My Land Form with a few basic details and we'll receive a copy automatically.

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Receive Our Offer

We'll determine an offer amount after verifying that your property satisfies our purchasing criteria, then contact you by phone or email to discuss it.

Step : 3

Sign the Agreement

After reaching a mutual agreement on the sale, we'll prepare a simple purchase agreement for you to sign.

Step : 4

Start the Title Examination

Once we receive your signed agreement, we'll begin our title examination on the property with the help of our network of reputable title companies.

Step : 5

Closing and Payment

Upon completing our title examination and confirming a clear title to your land property, we'll coordinate with you to schedule the closing process, and you'll get paid!

Step : 6

Connect With Us Now

Let's begin! Depending on the location and title company or attorney used, the process generally lasts between 2 to 6 weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What information is necessary for us to research or purchase your land property ?

    We only need a few pieces of information, which you can provide by filling out our Sell My Land Form. This includes the name of the property as listed in the county, your contact details, and the state and county where the land is located. Although it's advisable to include more information, completing the form as thoroughly as possible will assist us in researching your land property and presenting you with an offer more quickly.

  • We’ll make you a fair cash offer in 72 hours or less. Although 72 hours is the average, we sometimes make offers immediately after evaluating the property!

  • Selling land independently can be challenging for various reasons. Firstly, the market for land is limited, making it hard to find interested buyers, and the process can take months or even years. Additionally, securing bank financing for land can be challenging, which often leaves cash buyers as the only option. Marketing the property without spending money on advertising can also be difficult. Many land properties are sold through owner financing, requiring owners to collect monthly payments for several years and receive small payments each month.
    If you opt to list your land property with a real estate agent or broker, you may discover that they don't allocate much time or resources to selling land. Since land sales can be more challenging, and commissions are typically lower, agents may focus more on other types of real estate listings.

  • Not with us! We make selling land as simple as possible, and we don't charge any listing fees, advertising expenses, or other expensive requirements. Additionally, we cover all closing costs!
    Here is a list of the usual expenses that come with selling a land property independently. However, with us, you can forget about paying any of these fees:
    Listing fees, Advertising costs, Photography costs for creating a property listing, Broker commissions, Title and abstracting fees, Escrow fees, Deed and document preparation fees, Recording fees, Transfer taxes

  • We conduct a thorough title examination (at our expense) for every land property we buy. This examination enables us to identify any title problems that may exist. We have years of experience in dealing with complex title issues and can frequently find a resolution. Each case is unique, and we strive to assist you throughout the process and provide the necessary resources to resolve title issues when required.
    Depending on the state and county where the property is situated and the circumstances involved, we may be able to resolve the title issues in various ways, such as quieting the title, filing probate, or exploring alternative creative solutions.

  • You won't need to pay any money upfront if you sell your land to us. As part of our offer, we will negotiate any back taxes or dues prior to reaching an agreement. If there are any outstanding amounts, they will be deducted from the final closing price. Occasionally, if the back taxes or dues are minimal, we will cover them ahead of time to streamline the process for you. The key is that you will never have to pay any of your own money to sell your land property to us.

  • No worries! We will take care of preparing a new deed for the purchase of your land property and won't require you to provide a copy of your deed. We can obtain most, if not all, of the necessary documents from the county offices to finalize the purchase, so it won't require much effort from you at all.

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